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Normal (2003)

Brief Nudity

Any kind of freak-show existence imaginable can become ordinary, personally, if you live it day in and day out, and that is the message of Normal (2003). To a man who is yearning for a sex change, walking around throughout the day with a penis dangling between his legs never quite feels "normal." Not even if he’s been sporting that spout well into middle age, not even if he’s spurted his seed through the flesh tube and remained married to the natural-born woman who bore him his children. Still he remains at odds. No matter how well-adjusted his life may look on the surface, his comfort zone resides in a gender beyond his own. Nothing will do but placing his gonads under the knife, and in so doing transforming himself, his co-workers, and his entire family into a special, new kind of Normal.

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Top Scenes

Nude, butt 01:25:00 Background butt-shot as Olga slides into bed bare-assed behind some guy on the phone. (25 secs)


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