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The Flock

The Flock (2007)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Richard Gere stars as Errol Babbage in The Flock (2007). Babbage’s line of work is to keep an eye on registered sex offenders living among the public—a group of undesirables he refers to as his “flock.” After decades on the beat, Babbage is heading out to pasture and therefore training his nubile replacement, Allison Laurie (Claire Danes). When a young girl is abducted, Babbage believes one of his charges is responsible, although Allison is less than convinced and fears that her mentor may just be trying to make up for having failed to catch a killer years earlier. Twists and shocks are the order of the chase, and The Flock’s ultra-dark subject matter is lightened by a naked appearance by Cyd Schulte in the appropriate role of Hot Babe.