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My Tutor

My Tutor (1983)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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When Bobby Chrystal (Matt Lattanzi) fails French class, he needs to bone up on his foreign tongue. Enter Terry Green (Caren Kaye), otherwise known as My Tutor (1983). As expected, the luscious leading lady is a teenager’s masturbatory wet dream. At first, she wants to help him conjugate his verbs while he wants to learn how to French kiss. But since the alluring instructor is a serial skinny dipper, it’s only a matter of time before Bob is sticking his baguette into her pastry. Indeed, she looks delicious when she reveals her buns, clam and peaches during a naked swim. How can Bobby not admire her perfect breast stroke, especially when Ms. Kaye’s body is more than just O-Kaye! Earlier on, the horny high schooler and his buddy Jack (Crispen Glover) were trying to lose their virginity. While on that mission, we are given plenty of chances to glance at nude women. The teen sex comedy includes views of Amber Denyse, Maria Melendez, and Shelley Taylor Morgan’s erotic underthings! Not to be upstaged, Graem McGavin removes her white brassiere to show off her headlights in the back of a parked car! Next, Jewel Shepard flashes her rack and panties during a an automotive make-out session. Meanwhile, Katt Shea is minding her own business when a dude in a passing car rips off her dress to expose her bare breasts. If that’s not hot enough, Kitten Natividad lets loose her huge nude boobs in another scene that will have you hitting freeze frame!