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Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation (2003)

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In Sofia Coppola's "Best Original Screenplay" winning drama Lost in Translation (2003), Bob (Bill Murray) is an aging American action star visiting Tokyo to make a quick buck by starring in commercials for Japanese whiskey. Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) is a world-weary but young, Yale graduate wife eclipsed by the achievements of her hipster photographer husband (Giovanni Ribisi) and unsure of her place in the world. When her hubbie runs into a ditzy blonde actress (Anna Faris) it sure seems like he's been having an affair with, Charlotte's loneliness in such a foreign land really kicks into overdrive. Dissatisfied with his own mediocre marriage, Bob meets Charlotte in the hotel bar and they form an unlikely twosome. As traveling buddies, these newfound friends share the experience of being awkward Americans in Tokyo. As their friendship gets more fetching with each passing day, both realize that their time together will soon draw to a close. Or will it? From the wacky karaoke scene to the iconic indecipherable final whisper, Charlotte and Bob grow incredibly close over the course of their time in Japan. But while they'll always have Tokyo, Bob never has the affair you know he was looking for. He doesn't even use his foreign fame to rail any land of the rising honey's! He does do a hotel lounge singer, though, so not all is lost! But since he never gets it on with Charlotte, all we get from Scar-Jo is a look at her ass in pink panties as she lays around the hotel room, and another while she annoys her photographer husband. Still, having Scarlett's big tits in your movie always translates to a sexy time, even in a somber film like Lost in Translation