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Mercy (2000)

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Mercy (2000) is a serial killer plot populated by lipstick lesbians who are often wearing nothing more than the rosy paint on their pouting mouths. Intrigued? Of course you are. You can't have a good whack to Zodiac (2007)! Ellen Barkin is the detective on the case, Cathy Palmer. She's been tasked with finding a serial killer who has murdered a bunch of members of a secret S&M/lesbian sex club run by Vickie Kittrie (Peta Wilson). But complications arise when Cathy finds herself wildly attracted to Miss Kittrie's kitty tickling lifestyle. A female cop named Cathy is into girl on girl? Shocking, we know. And don't even get us started on how much girly gash Clarice Starling would've paid for if the Feds sent Jodie Foster to cover this case! Flash the badge, grab some vag! What a dream! But since it's Ellen tracking the felon the big question is if her newfound love of munching muff and the kinkier stuff, sidetracks her investigation, or can Cathy keep it together long enough to sniff out the serial killer before he takes out the whole member-free sex membership? Ellen never loses the trenchcoat of her profession, but does get eaten out by Peta in the bathroom. Ladies room, indeed! Karen Young flashes titty and kitty while Julian Sands tries to run his hands all over her naked body. Lara Daans is a naked but dead bod, as is Wendy Crewson. It's weird seeing rigor mortis, but hey, more tits! Zehra Leverman shows her fetish gear too, but this one's all about the merciless sex appeal of Peta Wilson. Peta gives the detective an amazing, full frontal and backdoor for more striptease in front of a window, flashes Ellen her ass, and does all sorts of other extremely erotic activities over the runtime of this erotic thriller. Have mercy! PETA doesn't want to see the way we're abusing our trouser snake to Peta Wilson's work in Mercy!