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Most aspiring skinstresses have to pay their dues in some truly cheesy flicks before they gain some notoriety, but the lovely Lara Daans paid her dues, your dues, and about two dozen other dues. Following her debut as “Groupie” in Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987), Lara gave us the hot crotch as “Bikini Contestant” in Fireballs(1987), wrapped her legs around our pole as “Dancer in Bar” in Little Devils: The Birth (1993), and played “Woman in Boozecan” Boozecan (1994), all filmed in Canada, where the brunette babe hails from. Of course, she also had a few films with a little less cheddar in them. Lara was Natasha in The Poet (2007) with Nina Dobrev, Jade in Sacrifice (2011) with Christian Slater, Karen in A Dark Truth (2012) with Andy Garcia and Forest Whitaker, and Zakia in Breakout (2013) with Brendan Fraser and Dominic Purcell, all directed by Damian Lee, her husband. Surprisingly, none of these flicks with or without gouda featured the star in her natural form. However, Lara's lovelies are in full view in Electra (1996), starring Shannon Tweed; in Blood Sisters of Lesbian Sin (1997) where she played naughty nun Sister Avarice; and showed all three Bs as Dorothy Samenov in Mercy (2000) with Ellen Barkin. She’s also pretty liberated from material as Dani Brookes in King of Sorrow (2006). And lest you think this dish is only a full-fledged, dues-paying member of the cheese club, you should also know she writes and directs, as well as acts. Her short film Viaticum (2019) won her 11 awards, plus three additional noms at various film festivals.