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Love Child

Love Child (1982)

Great Nudity!


Babes-behind-bars could be used to describe the film Love Child (1982), but mostly because it’s based on the true story of an infant born in a jail. 18-year old Terry Jean Moore (Amy Madigan) gets mixed up in an ill-advised robbery scheme with her younger cousin that nets $5 and lands her 7½ to 15 years in prison. Once she’s locked up she makes some more bad decisions by falling in love with a married correctional officer, Jack Hansen (Beau Bridges), and getting knocked up with the titular love child. The prison wants the baby to be immediately placed in foster care, but Terry gets a lawyer and takes up the fight to keep the baby.Amy Madigan shows off her prisoner peaks and posterior while taking a shower and again while banging her prison guard man. Now that’s working the penal system!