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Eureka (1983)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


Only in movies do people's lives become depressed and devoid of meaning when they become filthy rich like Gene Hackman in Eureka (1983). In real life, getting money means getting a honey and spending your days in sexual bliss! In this morality tale, he's Jack McCann, a prospector who spends the night with a weird hooker (Helena Kallianiotes) in 1925 Yukon Territory. She tells him he'll find gold, but that it will lead to his undoing. The next night, he finds gold. Twenty years later, it leads to his undoing. Yes, in 1945 Jack lives on an island paradise called Eureka with his bored alcoholic trophy wife Helen (Jane Lapotaire), his daughter Tracy (Theresa Russell), and Tracy's husband Claude (Rutger Hauer). But it's not all fun in the sun. Joe Pesci is Mayakofsky, the Miami mobster who wants to corrupt his tropical hideaway by developing a giant casino on it. When Jack refuses to sell, Mayakofsky's crew end up torturing Jack with a blowtorch before chopping his head off and pinning the murder on Claude. Together, he and Tracy do their best to prove his innocence while ridding themselves of the island that has caused their family nothing but pain. Initially rated X (yes!) for graphic violence (boo!), the real gold in this one is Theresa Russell's tatas, bush and tush. Theresa is responsible for all the skin in the flick, including one muff-see scene where Jack is pissed to find her naked in bed with Claude. As she hops out of bed naked, we see every bit of that great bod! She'll do some tits out lounging on the bed, show all three B's turning Claude's sailboat into a rail-boat, and lie in bed totally naked while having some sort of a panic attack, too. Now those are some real Eureka moments!