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Lose Your Head

Lose Your Head (2013)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Lose Your Head (2013) is a party film for the modern European wild child! A Spanish tourist goes to Berlin where they party hard in the underground club scene. He underestimates just how dangerous the Berlin nightlife can be. He ignorantly joins strangers and gets involved in drug and alcohol-fueled debauchery that leads him to risky sex with strangers and random drugs he imbibes without knowing for sure what they are. Soon enough he gets lost and gets into trouble. He is attracted to one guy he meets in particular who is definitely not trustworthy. He soon finds out that he really knows nothing about this guy and his party weekend is going to take a very unfortunate turn when he goes back home with this strange German dude. At least there is a hot babe we can watch in this movie! The leading man takes a break from hooking up with strange men to hook up with the sexy Samia Muriel Chancrin. Samia gets on top of this strange Spanish guy in her bra and tie-dye pants. She's a free-spirited hippie chick! Luckily this flower child shows off her blossoms when the babe takes off her black bra and unveils bare boobs. Her hooters steal the show when she's on top of the guy in this sex scene that shows her taking charge. Samia Muriel Chancrin reveals her rack in this trippy movie that will already have you losing your mind as she loses her clothes.