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Passion (2012)

Brief Nudity

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When a movie has a title like Passion (2012), audiences assume they’re in for some good sex scenes. This is especially the case when the film is directed by Brian De Palma. Not to be confused with Jean-Luc Godard’s French flick Passion (1982) or Peter Duncan’s Australian pic Passion (1999), both of which are equally saucy, this thriller will also fulfill your need to be titillated. As a revised remake of Alain Corneau’s mystery Love Crime (2010), the reboot centers around a rivalry between a business chick and her ambitious protégé. But instead of resorting to fisticuffs, the women lean into fingering due to their Sapphic attraction for each other! The natural brunette Rachel McAdams stars as a platinum blonde called Christine Stanford. She’s an advertising executive who is willing to do anything to climb the corporate ladder, including playing manipulative mind games with her underling, campaign copywriter Isabelle James (Noomi Rapace). Luckily for us, these mind games feel more like head play if you know what we mean. Check out the dyke-namic macking between Rachel and Noomi. If that’s not hot enough, red-hot ginger Dani (Karoline Herfurth) also lashes tongues. Plus, there’s a topless photo of Noomi just 12 minutes into the movie! Despite the lesbian subject matter covered and the star power involved, the $25 million movie was a box office flop, earning less than $2 million. Even interest generated at global spank banks couldn’t help this pic break even. Nevertheless, Mr. Skin has a passion for Passion’s mashin’ lips!