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Ecstasy (2018)

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Ecstasy can be many things to many people. For most, it’s a pleasant stimulated sensation brought on naturally. For those looking for manufactured stimulated sensations, it’s an empathogen–entactogen drug also known as MDMA or Molly. And for those of us who are fans of foreign films filled with flesh, it’s Rolf Peter Kahl’s Ecstasy (2017) — not to be confused with the 1933 Czech pic of the same name starring Hollywood screen icon Hedy Lamarr. Also known as A Thought of Ecstasy, this 21st century flick offers a dystopian look at the United States as it follows a woman (Deborah Kara Unger) in search of revenge and a man (Kahl) in search of a lost love (Lena Morris). Equal parts romance, mystery and fantasy, the skinternational movie includes Buddy Giovinazzo, Joel Cairo, Karim Cherif, and every inch of skin on Ava Verne! As Nina, the sexy brunette repeatedly reveals her rack and rump on screen. In one scene, the topless hottie dons white panties on her bottom and clothespins on her nipples as she gets slapped by a masked man. In another scene, Ava engages in un-simulated sex underwater! The skintastic act lets us view her nude boobs and shaved bush. In yet another scene, Ms. Verne gets busy with Ms. Morris in the shower to prove lez is more! If that’s not arousing enough, Lena bounces her bare breasts and beaver when she has hetero sex outdoors. We’re sure you’ll feel ecstatic after watching all of the erotic shots in Ecstasy!