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Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing (1995)

Great Nudity!

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Lap Dancing was brought unto the world by noted Soft Core Pillar of the Community Mike Sedan, who also brought such classics to the Direct-to-Video Realm as Erotic Boundaries and, that’s right, Confessions of a Lap Dancer. Do what you know, though… And Sedan knows strip clubs. This particular installment of the Aspiring Actress from the Heartland Gone Astray saga features Lorissa McComas, appropriately enough from the Heartland herself, in the leading role. She comes to HollyWad in search of a cinematic career, but a dickless producer tells her that she doesn’t have the life experience it takes to emote on screen. Naturally, since she needs some “life experience,” she and her roommate Tane McClure get jobs at a strip club. What transpires from then on in is basically one strip scene after another with inter-cut dialogue and the occasional “sex scene,” as well as a subplot that involves McComas falling in love with some blind feller. Dude didn’t know what he was missing… There’s scads of nudity in Lap Dancing, tons of tits from McComas, McClure, Chanda, Kim Dawson, Julianne Mantia, and Amber Newman. but sadly, not much in the way of the prerequisite simulated sex or muff-shots. It’s just hooter after hooter for an hour and a half. If that’s what you want to see (and really, who doesn’t?) then check it out.