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La carne

La carne (1991)

Brief Nudity

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An enigmatic vixen (Francesca Dellera) has a profound and lingering effect on a divorced piano player (Sergio Castellitto) in the carnal comedy of errors, La Carne (1991). Sound like a pretty basic rom-com setup? Not even close! Translated to "The Flesh," Paolo (Sergio Castellitto) is a divorced loser tickling the ivories at a piano bar. He thinks he’s the luckiest man in Italy when he catches the eye of the busty and lusty Francesca (Francesca Dellera). Not only is she absurdly hot, but she claims she's been spending her time with an Indian mystic who taught her all sorts of sex techniques that allow one to transcend human carnal pleasures. One of those techniques involve paralyzing him so that he can’t move a muscle, while maintaining a massive hard-on. But in between bouts of animalistic sex in a dog kennel and eating like disgusting savages, Paolo starts to feel more and more like an animal. Eventually, she'll decides she's had enough of doing him, and he'll go from fornicating with Francesca in doggy to chopping her up and eating her like the animal he's become. Marco Ferreri's wild Italian black comedy hinges on a man being willing to do whatever it takes to land the comely Francesca Dellera, but after seeing her unbelievable body you won't need to do much suspending your disbelief. First, Francesca's wearing a skirt and glasses like some kind of sexy librarian, when she pulls out her big titty to give a baby a meal. That'll have you feeling udderly joyous! Somehow, seeing her colossal chest cannons being held back by a bra that's holding on for dear life might be even hotter when she hangs out at Paolo's beach house in her panties, but nothing can top seeing her totally nude as she climbs on top of Paolo and straddles him! Cop a feel before you turn her into your next meal! La carne is a carnival of Francesca Dellera flesh!