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Kinsey (2004)

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Most American males go to college with one unified objective: to achieve a deeper understanding and experience of sex. But the eligible bachelors seeking Bachelor's Degrees want to learn by doing the screwing, not hitting the books. However, there was one man willing to move past the myths, legends and secret tips to actually study sex in a serious way, and that man was Alfred Kinsey. The study of libido is at the heart of Kinsey (2004), a challenging and controversial biographical dramatization of the renowned--and in some quarters reviled--academic sex researcher who first put the United States public in touch with its widespread penchant for common perversions. Kinsey’s 1948 publication Sexual Behavior in the Human Male both titillated and frightened a nation whose publicly touted codes of morality appeared to be at odds with the habitual lapses in private decorum exposed by Kinsey’s work. His follow-up effort, an exposé of secret female sex tricks, arrived in time for the Cold War and earned the esteemed researcher a reactionary backlash. In the film, we meet Professor Kinsey (Liam Neeson) as he flashes back to a repressed childhood living with his minister father while struggling to consummate his marriage to former student Clara (Laura Linney). He's been studying wasps for most of his academic career, but has privately been helping students learn about the birds and the bees. After launching a sex ed class for married students, Kinsey realizes that there's a huge hole in academic studies about doing it. From studying his own students to traversing the country and asking all sorts of people about their darkest desires, Alfred Kinsey realizes people are much freakier than we've ever believed. But while he's pioneering the field, the controversies he's ginning up are causing trouble at home for Alfred's wife and kids. If Mr. Skin was studying sex, he can't imagine a better study buddy than Laura Linney. Nominated for a "Best Supporting Actress" Oscar for her work in this one, we get to lust after Laura when she's in bed with Alfred, having some not so great sex. What was great was the look at Laura's large ones, when her top is pulled down and her breasts are exposed. No need for peer review, just check the professor's pants for goo! Julianne Nicholson's jugs are on display as well, when Alfred's watching a super old school cuck porn and describing the then unheard of idea. In another academic video, we watch Kathleen Chalfant pleasuring herself, with her hooters bouncing with every flick of the bean. It's great to learn the ins and outs of lady love, but we'd sure love to put it in her, instead! Of course in a film like Kinsey, you can see some incredible sex stuff!