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I Am a Soldier

I Am a Soldier (2015)

Great Nudity!

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I Am a Soldier (2015) stars the gorgeous Frenchie Louise Bourgoin as a down on her luck 30-year-old woman who engages in illegal activity to make ends meet. The artful indie paints a compelling portrait of economic hardship in Europe as the obviously capable and intelligent Sandrine (Bourgoin) must move to her barely working-class hometown when income runs dry. It doesn’t take long for her to begin working at her uncle’s sketchy dog kennel, where breeding practices are beyond questionable. Money is money, however, and although conflicted, Sandrine goes further and further in the illegal dog-trafficking world. Her ways bring her to a love interest, and in one insanely hot scene Bourgoin goes full frontal while knocking on his door. As if that wasn’t enough, the gorgeous gal shows off her perfect rack through some soaked undies in the water. Your Soldiers will be marching off to war!