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A Happy Event

A Happy Event (2011)

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A young couple’s carefree romance is interrupted by the birth of their first child in the French comedy A Happy Event (2011). Adapted from Eliette Abecassis' autobiographical novel about how very much not fun it was for her to be pregnant and then stuck raising a baby girl, the film sees PhD candidate Barbara (Louise Bourgoin) meet video store clerk Nicolas (Pio Marmai). Despite her being way more accomplished than the sexy stud muffin, their passion is immediate, and she quickly gets knocked up. He convinces her to keep it, but Barbara comes to find that pregnancy isn't the joyous event movies make it out to be. She's constantly uncomfortable, tired, nauseous, and insatiably horny. But it's not just her bumpy time dealing with the baby bump that bums Barbara out. When she finally has the little girl, she can't sleep due to its crying, resents her lack of freedom, and can't get the kid to latch onto her titty. So yeah, things are pretty shitty. Will the radical feminist embrace motherhood and break out of her post-baby doldrums or is having a kid going to ruin her life, forever? It definitely didn't ruin her body, since that thing looks amazing before, during, and after she's got a bun in the oven. Louise Bourgoin gives us some great T&A during a babymaking sex montage that shows her in all sorts of positions, from taking it in the kitchen to going for a ride that puts the baby inside! We'll see those mams full of mama milk when Louise if preggers and staring at her body in the mirror and trying to get the baby to breastfeed. She might not be a great mom, but she's definitely a MILF! Anytime Louise takes her clothes off onscreen is A Happy Event!