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Suburra (2015)

Great Nudity!

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The neo-noir Italian crime film Suburra (2015) is a gritty thrill ride you won’t soon forget. When the Italian mobster known as “Samurai” (Claudio Amendola) decides to build Rome’s very own Las Vegas, the rival crime families agree to work together, for a while. It’s not long at all before the tensions begin to rise, and so will your mojo. The bodies start falling, and so does the clothing. Suburra is superba for superbabes. Sitting on the lap of one lucky lawbreaker, we see Sabrina and Jelena, played by Guilia Gorietti and Yulia Kolomiets, as they bare butts, breasts, and back burgers. The threesome progresses, with Guilia going downtown on Yulia while she rides this made-man reverse cowgirl style. You’ll be hitting reverse on your remote as well. Later Guilia and Yulia will make out while showing off both sets of impressive breasts. Soon Guilia will get it on with a goon and the threesome will all smoke some crack, as if we hadn’t seen enough crack already! When you’ve got Guilia and Yulia, all you need to do is unspoolia your toolia, and try not to droolia.