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Halloween II

Halloween II (1981)

Brief Nudity

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As a sequel, Halloween II (1981) could be cued up to follow directly after the original installment in the series, and no one would know where one film ended and the other began. Misunderstood, villainous, and murderous Michael Myers has taken six bullet holes and fled. Innocent victim Laurie has been transported to the hospital, there to recover while the manhunt for Michael is carried out. People start dying in the hospital. In a script co-written by John Carpenter and directed by Rick Rosenthal, hapless dorks are butchered, lethally injected, par-boiled, and hammered to death. Gird yourself for suspense, shocks, and unpleasant surprises. One expected development: A nurse strips for hydrotherapy with a pal and pays a price for her pleasure.