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Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story

Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story (2020)

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Robin Bain comes back to the world of sex workers, but this time helms this sequel to the 2016 indie flick Girl Lost as director instead of the lead actress.  In this darker follow-up focused on the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, we follow the runaway Hope (Moxie Owens), who flees a step-mother who hates her and an abusive dad in middle America to try and make it as a model out in the city of angels.  As it turns out though, her "friend" Paige (Cody Renee Cameron) who is an old babysitter, has been actually encouraging her to come out to the coast and join her and her friend Destiny (Brooke Haven) as a protege in the world of sex workers.  As these three women's lives begin to spiral deeper and deeper into the world of dirty "johns", deranged porn producers, strip club DJs, and more, their paths cross with Baby Girl (Psalms Salazar), who is a single mother who has been trying to make ends meet by dipping her toes into the world's oldest profession as a side hustle.  As Hope thinks she is going to be the next big thing in the world of modeling, she ends up having to perform depraved sex acts with much older men at the request of her new "madams", who are not gathering top dollar any more.  As she begins hesitating on the merits of that life, she finds an ally in Baby Girl, who is just as burned out and just looking to make some rent money the hard way.  This is an unflinching look at the lives of four women at different points in a business that is as unforgiving as the streets of LA at night.