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Foe (2023)

Great Nudity!

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It’s 2065, and humans have officially ruined the planet, so now the government has teamed up with private companies to send an army of people out to colonize space. One of those people is Junior (Paul Mescal) who lives somewhere in the Midwest with his wife Hen (Saoirse Ronan). Junior gets recruited by Terrance (Aaron Pierre) to join a space colony that will save humankind. Terrance’s job is to get to know Junior, including all the invasive details about his relationship with Hen because, as it turns out, part of the plan involves replacing Junior with a clone to keep Hen company while he’s in space. Saoirse bares her phenomenal funbags and fanny multiple times while getting it on with Paul - or is it a faux Paul? At least Saoirse’s boobs and butt are the real deal!