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Oppenheimer (2023)

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Oppenheimer (2023), director Christopher Nolan's three hour epic about several pivotal years in the life of noted physicist and atomic bomb creator J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy), improbably played like a blockbuster in the summer of 2023, becoming the director's third highest grossing movie behind only his second and third Batman movies. The film jumps all around in time from Oppie's days in the world of academia up through his later years spent defending his early dalliances with the Communist party, with most of the film's focus centering on his work at Los Alamos on the bombs that would be dropped on Japan in 1945, signaling the official end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War. 

While Murphy's Oppenheimer eventually marries his wife Katherine (Emily Blunt), he does have a years long fling staunch Communist Jean Tatlock (Florence Pugh) leading to a trio of great nude scenes from the amazing Ms. Pugh! Florence goes topless twice during sex scenes and the ensuing post-coital chats, but she also goes nude for a brief moment of artistic license as Blunt imagines a nude Pugh straddling Murphy in the hearing room as he admits to maintaining his affair with her during his marriage to Blunt! 

Directors everywhere, take note, this is how you do a three-hour biopic that plays like a blockbuster, don't skimp on the spectacle, cast great people in every role big and small, and please don't forget that nudity is a crucial part in a film's success... just ask Oppenheimer (2023) and Titanic (1997)!