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Lust Life Love (2021)

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As the world becomes more sexually fluid and open to new experiences, so too does entertainment begin to explore the worlds of polyamory in more open and honest ways. Lust Life Love (2021) is set in the nightlife scene of 21st century New York City, where thirty-year-old bisexual Veronica Willow (Stephanie Sellars, who also co-directed) shares her experiences as a polyamorous woman on a popular lifestyle blog. Veronica has both a committed girlfriend Joanna (Jeanna Han) and a sexy boy toy Pedro (Rolando Chusan), but that doesn't stop her from sleeping around with basically anyone and everyone willing to indulge her sexual desires. One night, she runs into Daniel (Jake Choi) an unhappily married man who is firm in his belief that monogamy is the only way to maintain a successful relationship, despite the fact that his marriage is quite obviously unsuccessful. Veronica becomes obsessed with the narrow-minded man and decides to make it her duty to expose him to a side of sexual life he's never seen before. Of course, it isn't long before she finds herself falling for Daniel and calling everything she knows about sex and sexuality into question. The film is about as sex-positive as a film can get, with all manner of sexual relationships explored during the film's running time! Director and star Stephanie Sellars is out front in that, never asking her actors to do anything she's not willing to do as she bares all in a number of sexy scenes, including some lesbian encounters with Makeda Declet, Jeanna Han, and a topless Pilar Witherspoon! Lust Life Love could've just stopped at Lust!