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Ghosted (2023)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A farmer named Cole (Chris Evans) meets Sadie (Ana de Armas), an art curator, at a local farmer’s market, and despite their initial volleying when he refuses to sell her a plant she says she wouldn’t be home enough to take of properly, they hit it off and go on a long date that ends with a roll in the hay and the clingy Cole hopelessly in love. He visits his family to tell them he’s found the one, just as Sadie stops responding to his string of texts. Refusing to give up, Cole decides to go after her when he realizes his left his inhaler, which just happens to have a medical tracking device, in her bag and sees she’s in London. When he shows up to the Tower Bridge to surprise her, he’s immediately mistaken for a CIA agent called The Taxman and kidnapped, but before he can be tortured for information, the real Taxman bursts in and rescues him - and whaddaya know, it’s Sadie! The two then travel around the country, bickering back and forth, as an annoyed Sadie tries to keep him safe from an ex-French intelligence agent turned arms dealer (a heavily-accented Adrien Brody) who’s still convinced Cole is The Taxman. Sadly, the romp in the sack towards the start is the only time we spy any of Ana’s beauteous bosom, but the black dress with ample cleavage she dons in a fancy restaurant will have you holding your sausage hostage!