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Sentinel (2024)

Brief Nudity

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The year is 2155, and most of the human race has been wiped out by aliens who came through a multi-dimensional portal years ago to invade Earth. The survivors, who are mostly miners that had been stationed on the dark side of the moon, come up with new technology that will enable them to send three soldiers back in time to help the human resistance fighters beat the alien occupiers. However, once they arrive they realize they also have to defeat the Sentinel, the guardian of the portal, and its army in order to complete their mission. In addition to time travel tech, this version of the future also has boob-baring sex bots that look like Mia De Vil. She and star Ellie Patrikios are in the middle of some sapphic fun when Ellie is chosen for the film’s dangerous mission. You’ll be dangerously close to an emission of your own!