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Fright Night

Fright Night (1985)

Brief Nudity

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A hormonal teen suspects his ladies' man next door neighbor just might be fanging and banging all the lovely ladies he brings home, in the 80's horror classic Fright Night (1985). Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) is a teen boy obsessed with the cheesy vampire TV show Fright Night, that claims to tell the true tales of supernatural creature hunter Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall). Charley's new next door neighbor Jerry (Chris Sarandon) has all the hallmarks of a bloodsucker, and tons of women are mysteriously missing in town. Since he's a vampire obsessed nerd, not many people believe him when Charlie figures out Jerry's a vampire with eyes on the veiny thighs of his mom (Dorothy Fielding). So, desperate for professional help, he tracks down his television hero hoping he can stake the bloodsucking bastard. Can Charley and Peter take down the human eater, or will the vampire prove to be too powerful? The only thing better than a good scare is a great pair, and this one's got a few of them. Future Married...with Children star Amanda Bearse played Charley's girlfriend Amy, and Miss Bearse looked all kids of fierce with curly hair and some hard nips when she got turned into a white dress wearing child of the night. But the best scene comes when she strips down to her bra for Charley, only for him to be too preoccupied with his neighbor to notice. Sure, that neighbor's a supernatural creature believed to have been only a legend, which opens up all sorts of questions about the nature of humanity itself. But still, boobs! But if we're being honest about why Charley's glued to the window, it's probably because of his run-in with the real frighteningly sexy female in this one, Irina Irvine. Irina's cans were an absolute eyefull as she took her bra off in front of the window as those tasty teets were about to become a sweet treat for Jerry. There are a few sequels and a reboot, but nothing beats beating off to the scarily sexy Irina Irvine in Fright Night!