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Baphomet (2021)

Brief Nudity

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Baphomet (2021) is a horror film about a family named The Richardsons who live in North Carolina. Their 28-year-old daughter gets pregnant, so they celebrate the new baby coming into their life, but a Satanic cult member comes to ask them for a little favor. The Satanic worshipper named Aksel Brandr has arrived without calling first on behalf of his leader Henrik Brandr to pay the family for their land. Mr. Richardson has no intention of selling their land, so he refuses. Uh oh. Big mistake! The cult does not like to be rejected, so they put a series of curses on the family to try to force them to abandon their precious land. The Richardsons endure a lot of horrible things before they seek the help of a high priestess named Marybeth who is a good witch. With Marybeth's help they discover that the land is very valuable to the cult for very sinister reasons, so they have to battle with evil in order to keep it. Since this is a cult, we get to see some sexy virgins being used for a ritual sacrifice. Yay! Mary Cazes and Erin Marie Garrett both play virgins who pop their cherries with these full frontal nude debuts. Hooded figures drag the naked women in for a ritual and we get to see their breasts and their bushes in this scene for Satan. Thank goodness that women who get sacrificed to Satan are always nude and hot. Baphomet is worth the watch for these babes!