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Five Day Lover (1961)

No Nudity

The flirty throwback flick known as Five Day Lover (1961) is perfect on a rainy Sunday with nothing going on, and nothing GOING on. The film starts with a fashion show organized and operated by a woman named Madeleine. At said fashion show the cunning Claire meets the dreamy Antoine and promptly becomes his mistress of course. But, good gracious, she’s already hitched, to a very wealthy caboose named George! Thus, she can only spend one or two days a week with her secret Antoine. And of course Antoine is also disgustingly rich. He even travels by way of a chauffeur named Marius. But, of course the ripple in this tide is that Antoine is also Madeleine’s (the fashion show mean girl’s) lover, Madeleine is Claire’s best friend of course. Naturally these lovers can only shuffle smoothly for so long until Madeleine cracks the code in half! She sets out to let the truth out by way of one of her elaborate events, she organizes a lavish, buttery celebration and graciously invites of course Claire and Claire’s husband George, and, lover of lovers, Antoine! Chaos ensues! We get to feast our eyes on some classic black and white side breast and side seat belonging to the timeless skin of actress Micheline Presle who plays the role of Madeleine with unrivaled coy!        

Top Scenes

Sexy, underwear 00:22:05 Micheline Presle is skintastic in this sexy scene! (45 secs)


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