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If you were a girl in the 80’s, you set aside one night a week to watch this show and chances are it scarred you pretty deeply, at least intellectually. Starring perhaps the widest array of female celebs since Battle of the Network Stars bit the dust, this silly soap dealt with the California vineyard feud between the Channings and the Giobertis, two families that hated each other’s guts. Occasional stars included Shannon Tweed, Apollonia, Ursula Andress, Morgan Fairchild, Carla Gugino, Lauren Hutton, Jane Wyman, Gina Lollobrigida, Kim Novak and many, many more. As for the guys… bah, who cares about the guys?


Kristian Alfonso

Pilar Ortega

Ana Alicia

Melissa Agretti / Samantha Ross

Ursula Andress

Madam Malec



Anne Archer

Cassandra Wilder

Daphne Ashbrook

Kathryn Anderson

Jane Badler

Meridith Braxton

Bibi Besch

Caroline Earle

Martine Beswick

Pamela Lynch

Leslie Bevis

Gwen Fuller

Julie Carmen

Sofia Stavros

Rachelle Carson

Joanna Finch

Joanna Cassidy

Katherine Demery

Maggie Cooper

Lori Stevens

Sarah Douglas

Pamela Lynch

Morgan Fairchild

Jordan Roberts

Carla Gugino

Sydney St. James

Mariska Hargitay

Carly Fixx

Barbara Howard

Robin Agretti

Lauren Hutton

Liz McDowell

Jill Jacobson

Erin Jones

Laura Johnson

Terry Hartford / Ranson

Janet Julian

Diane 'Cookie' Nash

Katherine Justice

Sheila Hogan

Gina Lollobrigida

Francesca Gioberti

Cindy Morgan

Gabrielle Short

Kim Novak

Kit Marlowe

Victoria Racimo

Corene Powers

Jamie Rose

Victoria Gioberti / Hogan

Assumpta Serna

Anna Cellini

Andrea Thompson

Genele Ericson

Lana Turner

Jacqueline Perrault

Shannon Tweed

Diana Hunter

Kate Vernon

Lorraine Prescott

Tahnee Welch


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