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Debbie Does Demons

Debbie Does Demons (2022)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


One night after watching a paranormal ghost hunter series hosted by the titular Debbie (Angel Nichol Bradford), Lauren (Morrigan Thompson) and her friends decide to break out the ouija board and try to summon the spirit of a powerful three-hundred-year-old witch (who just happens to be one of Lauren’s distant relatives). Well, it works! Enter Carmilla Karnstein (Jessa Flux), sinister and scantily-clad, killing Lauren’s friends and then bringing them back as demons that do her evil bidding, and now it’s up to Debbie to save the day. Carmilla seems to have left her top in the underworld as Jessa’s giant jugs are on full display for her entire performance, and at one point she takes off the rest and gives us a peek at her juicy round cheeks in the shower. Add Jessa to the growing list of witches with no britches!