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Death of Me

Death of Me (2020)

No Nudity

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When you're on a island off the coast of Thailand with Maggie Q and a Hemsworth brother... You're probably thinking you're in paradise!  Turns out that you are following the incredible looking couple in a waking nightmare though in 2020's horror thriller Death of Me.  As Neil (Luke Hemsworth) and Christine (Maggie Q) wake up in a hungover stooper on the floor of their hotel room, they hear the news of an impending tropical storm coming their way and they need to scramble to get to safety.  If it was just a storm out to get them though, they would stand a better chance, but it seems like there is a mystical element in the air and the locals pretty much seem to be in on the evil forces that are creeping around them!  Things take an exceptionally weird turn when they find a video of Neil and Christine having sex after getting drugged by their hot waitress (Kat Ingkarat), the real surprise though is the video ends with Neil murdering Christine and burying her body!  Then how is she still alive???  Is there some kind of evil on the island that is keeping them there?  Are they both dead?  Does Maggie Q have a slamming body?  Well you're going to have to watch to find out answers to all of those questions, but we can let you know that YES, Maggie Q does have a slamming body and shows it off in some cheeky undies a couple of times!  Also, we get to see a tasty down-blouse shot on Kat Ingkarat and some pokies on the amazing and braless Alex Essoe