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The Cleansing Hour

The Cleansing Hour (2020)

No Nudity

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If you're reading this review far in the future, you might assume that a film released in 2020 titled The Cleansing Hour might have something to do with all the quarantining we did that year! In fact, the flick was made in 2019, so they had no idea what was barreling toward them at the time. The film centers around the titular, fictional television program wherein a priest conducts an exorcism live on air. What the audience at home doesn't know is that the whole thing is an elaborately crafted ruse, fake exorcisms designed to fool the drooling masses watching at home without a care in the world! The producers of the show meet their match in their latest contestant Lane (Alix Angelis) a woman actually possessed by a malevolent spirit who quickly proves no match for the show's theatrics. With the very real threat of everyone in the studio dying, the show's producer team must scramble to stop the demon and find someone who can perform a real, honest to goodness exorcism for them, live on television! The film is clever in the way it blurs the line between our own present reality and the increasingly extreme lengths we go to in order to create entertainment. However, the film is barren when it comes to nudity, which is a real shame! There is a cell phone video with Alix Angelis in a sexy bra showing some cleavage, but if you're looking to exorcise some semen... you might want to investigate elsewhere!