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Blood Gnome

Blood Gnome (2004)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


You know you’re losing it when you see little green men . . . or are you? The borderline-bonkers photographer in Blood Gnome (2002) starts seeing sharp-toothed little people who like to dine on the leather-clad S&M set, so he teams up with a sympathetic dominatrix played by the meaty, beat-offy, and bouncy Melissa Pursley to prove their existence. If a bunch of flesh-eating nasties are going to terrorize they may as well feast on such sweets as the nakedly naughty strumpets Zen, Zero, Heather Darling, Athena Demos, and Elizabeth Hayden Grace. Even the cream of screams Julie Strain strips down for a boobtastic cameo. It’s bloody skingoria, which audiences can make even slimier with their bodily fluids.