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Black Day, Blue Night

Black Day, Blue Night (1995)

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After finding her hubby shagging the dangerously curvy Michelle Forbes, Ferris Bueller’s foxy gal pal Mia Sara flips the script by asking the shtupper sexpot to be her partner in crime on a road trip across the country in Black Day, Blue Night (1995). Rinda (Michelle Forbes) is the wild woman unafraid of taking whatever she wants, even if that's immoral or illegal. After she bones Hallie's (Mia Sara) hubby, the two briefly hate each other before Hallie needs a lift and the two bond during the ride. Wife and mistress ditch their lives and go off into the sunset, eventually hoping for lust in the dust by picking up Dodge (Gil Bellows), a horny hitchhiker with gigantic sideburns and a fixation for his suitcase. Rinda's juices run dry and thoughts of a ménage are thwarted when the mysterious stranger wants to make waves with just Hallie in Hot Springs. But Michelle was banging Mia's old man after all, so she clearly owes her one! Rinda goes solo, then runs into a cop named Quinn (J.T. Walsh) investigating a bank robbery where two out of three suspects died, but one's still on the lam. Assuming it's Dodge, since Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, Rinda leads the cop back to Dodge, only for him to start killing people since he's not a cop, he's the surviving bank robber trying to track down the dude who stole his loot. Enter all sorts of chaos and Mexican standoffs as everyone's loyalty ends up tested. A disappointingly girl on girl free flick, we never see the two ladies do anything with each other, but we do get a bit of skin from each. Michelle Forbes enriches us with a look at her in a bra and panties as she goes for a swim. But it's Mia Sara who gave us the real nudity. Whether she's showing all three B's while taking a post-sex shower, letting Dodge diddle her chesty delights, or just getting everyone sprung thanks to her naked dip in a hot spring, Mia Sara had us lusting after her all day and all night after watching this one. Black Day, Blue Night, but never blue balls in this fugitive road trip flick!