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Black Bear

Black Bear (2020)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Black Bear (2020) is a twisted drama where Aubrey Plaza plays Allison, a filmmaker on a retreat in the Adirondack Mountains who is hoping to make her next film. She and a couple go to a remote lake house where the former actress turned director hopes to get inspiration but winds up falling into a complicated mess with the other two who bring up demons from her past that she was hoping to get away from. She and the couple talk about ideas, problems, and everything else in a tension-filled movie. The group faces a lot of conflict when the three of them slide into a game of manipulation and jealousy as they realize they had no idea they would embark on all for the sake of tapping into their creativity. Aubrey Plaza is amazing in this movie, but she is also sexy (which should come as no surprise to anyone who is a fan of this lovely lady). In one scene, she is totally drunk and only has her black bra on. Her downstairs is bare which is when we get to see her ass and a little merkin! In another scene, she takes off her top and straddles a lucky guy's lap while wearing her black panties. She is not the only hot babe in the movie. Lindsay Burdge plays Maude who is on her back in bed when she is having sex with that same guy. Her bra stays on, so we only get to see her cleavage. She could really Bear to show us more!