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Baba Yaga (1973)

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Baba Yaga (1973) is a lost kink classic from the dawn of sex cinema. It tells the story of a hip fashion photographer, played by Isabelle De Funès, who is almost run over by Carroll Baker, who plays one of the sexiest blonde witches to ever cast a hex onscreen. Carroll, the Baba Yaga of the title, visits Isabelle and casts a spell on her so that every time she takes a picture something terrible happens to the subject. Carroll also gives Isabelle an S&M doll, which she tells her to always carry to protect her from harm. Then the dirty doll comes to life, shackles Isabelle naked, and whips her while Carroll watches. Everybody likes to watch this kind of carnal action. Nudity-wise, besides the two sexy principles, Angela Covello goes topless, and Ely Galleani plays the devil doll in an outfit that fits her like a glove...except where there is no outfit, like over her meaty ass and juicy jugs. Baba Yaga is also known as Kiss Me, Kill Me, and when these gals kiss, it kills!


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