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Asteroid City

Asteroid City (2023)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


A sort of faux documentary/play-within-a-movie, this sprawling Wes Anderson drama is set in a remote Western town hosting a Space and Science Camp where smart young teens are presenting futuristic inventions that will be snatched up the US government. This is also where we meet newly widowed Augie Steenback (Jason Schwartzman), who has yet to tell his his teenage son Woodrow (Jake Ryan) and his three daughters that their mother has died. As Woodrow bonds with fellow Junior Stargazer Dinah, daughter of movie star Midge Campbell (Scarlett Johansson), the town’s festivities are coincidentally interrupted by alien visitors. But it’s the full frontal nudity at about forty one minutes in that is really out of this world! First attributed to Scarlett, we’re actually seeing the boobs and bush of body double Katy Heffernan Smith after the film’s infamous towel drop. We couldn’t ask for a meatier shower scene!