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Spin Me Round

Spin Me Round (2022)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


In this dark, twisted take on your average Hallmark rom-com, Alison Brie plays Amber, a manager at a chain Italian restaurant who wins an all-expenses paid trip the company’s “institute” outside of Florence, Italy. She’s hoping for a romantic and adventurous learning experience á la Eat, Pray, Love but at first the excursion feels more like a boring work conference - that is, until the owner Nick (Alessandro Nivola) and his assistant Kat (Aubrey Plaza) zero in on her and whisk Amber away for some fun-filled and daring ventures that lead to a hot make-out session between Amber and Kat. The vibes turn mysteriously creepy as Nick’s motives come into question, resulting in an eccentric climax featuring a skin-filled masquerade orgy reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut that’s interrupted by a stampede of wild boar. Talk about bam-bam in the ham!