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American Gigolo

American Gigolo (1980)

Brief Nudity

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Before Richard Gere caught his career-making break when we was cast as the titular American Gigolo (1980), the part was first offered to John Travolta, then to Christopher Reeve, and Chevy Chase! Eventually Gere got his chance to play the high-priced call boy called Julian Kay. Indeed, the male escort has almost as many designer suits as he does women lining up to sleep with him! Of course, it’s not all fun and dames. Paul Schrader’s neo-noir crime drama shows there are some occupational hazards when Julian becomes indirectly involved in a rough sex murder mess. Alas, the only person who can provide him with an alibi is a Senator’s wife (played by original supermodel Lauren Hutton). Unfortunately for Julian, the gap-toothed beauty would prefer to keep her extracurricular activities on the down-low. We’re not sure why she wants to hide her magnificent mams and gams, which we get to see during a seduction scene. Throughout the course of the thriller, we are also thrilled to view the nude boobs on a pair of topless hotties (Michele Drake and Linda Horn) donning bikini bottoms and nothing else. The movie also includes Nina van Pallandt, Frances Bergen, Carol Bruce, and Patricia Carr’s bare breast. Too bad her character gets knocked off. As such, Detective Joe Sunday (Hector Elizondo) is on Julian’s tail, trying to trip him up, and Leon James (Bill Duke) is no help as his insensitive pimp. What’s a gigolo to do? Lay back and enjoy the sexpot scenery, that’s what!