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127 Hours

127 Hours (2010)

No Nudity

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127 Hours (2010) is the true story of hiker Aron Ralston (James Franco) who spent, you guessed it, 127 hours (that’s 5 days, 7 hours for the math-impaired) trapped in a Utah canyon before freeing himself and hiking over 8 miles to safety. Pinned under a boulder, Aron examines his life and remembers sexier times with ex Clemence Posey and hottie hikers Amber Tamblyn and Kate Mara.

Aron’s saga is regrettably hooter free, with the closest brush with boobity being Kate and Amber’s underwear-clad plunge into a canyon spring. Aron records their not-quite-skinny dip on his video camera, which he uses for some randy reminiscences during his ordeal. 127 hours without nudity? Mr. Skin would never survive!