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Kodachrome (2017)

No Nudity


If you took all the girls I knew when I was single and brought them all together for one night, I know they'd never match my sweet imagination... or so Paul Simon opines in his classic song "Kodachrome" which is unfortunately not featured in the dramedy Kodachrome (2017). Really dropped the ball on that one, filmmakers. Perhaps it was a bit too on the nose for such an earnest endeavor, but it's frankly a lesser film for not featuring that classic tune. It'll surely be running through your head as you watch this tale of Ben (Ed Harris) and his estranged son Matt (Jason Sudeikis) traveling across the country in 2010 to the last laboratory still processing the film, in hopes that they can get several rolls of film processed before they lose their last chance to do so. Also along for the ride is Ben's nurse Zooey (Elizabeth Olsen), who is there to keep an eye on his deteriorating health, though Matt soon finds out that Zooey is actually a hospice nurse hired by Ben's brother (Bruce Greenwood) to accompany him into hospice care when their journey is finished. Based on a true story, the film is one of those "it's about the journey, not the destination" deals that are all the rage. Sadly neither the journey nor the destination here features any nudity, although we do get to see Elizabeth Olsen pokies as she goes braless beneath a flimsy t-shirt at the one hour and eleven minute mark! That's a pretty sweet scene, but frankly, it could never match our sweet imagination!