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Ashby (2015)

No Nudity


Mickey Rourke, Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman, and The Fault in Our Stars's Nat Wolff. Now that's a surprising (and superb) cast. The story begins with Ed (Wolff) moves with his single mom (Silverman) to a small town into a house next to a strange older man named Ashby (Rourke). Ed doesn't exactly fit in, finding friendship and then some in Eloise (Roberts), an adorable nerd. He's assigned a paper in class that instructs him to talk to an old person about his or her life, and he chooses Ashby, a retired CIA assassin with only a few months left to live. The pair naturally helps each other find their way and make peace with who they are, all with the comedic help of Silverman and the cuteness of Roberts. This coming-of-age drama isn't exactly skin-filled, but we do get a glimpse of Roberts in her bra briefly during one of Ed's luckier moments. Get it, Ed!