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Rage (2014)

No Nudity

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Rage (2014) is an action thriller starring Nicolas Cage and directed by a guy named Paco Cabezas, whose name roughly translates to Frank Heads. Cage plays Paul Maguire, a former criminal who has gone straight, but gets pulled back into his old life when his daughter is kidnapped. We're not kidding. If you've seen Stolen (2012), it is quite literally the exact same plot. The only difference is that instead of going it alone, in this film he decides to round up his old crew to get her back. That's the only difference. Seriously. Things seem like they're going to start cooking at the 47 minute mark when the crew stops by a strip club. Sadly, the most action we get is the undeniably sexy Jaanika Kaarpalu & Kadi Klausen strutting their stuff onstage in their undies. Yeah, you read that right. The women at the strip club have their underwear on while performing. This strip club must be in Sin City.