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Wild Things

Wild Things (1998)

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The plot is complicated, but the pleasures are simple in the skinematic classic Wild Things (1998). Never mind if teacher Matt Dillon really assaulted sexy schoolgirls Denise Richards and Neve Campbell. Instead, let’s just catalogue the unforgettable moments in this major-studio erotic thriller. There’s Theresa Russell baring her breasts as Denise’s delicious MILF. The unforgettable ménage between Matt, Denise, and Neve makes a party of three for all those Party of Five fans out there. And, of course, Denise and Neve have a poolside catfight scene that leads to a scorching Sapphic submission. Kevin Bacon even shows off his pork roll—but we don’t really need to see that. About thirty minutes later, Denise gets us off effortlessly again in a quick scene during the closing credits where Matt is doing Denise from behind along with some dirty talk. Her nude right boob is bouncing wildly! You don't have to wait until the end of this skin-ful film to get your rocks off though. A mere 16 minutes in you can catch a few fleeting flashes of Theresa's beautiful breasts and booty while she rides the gardener's tool! Lucky dude to be sure. Wild Things was the go-to for a whole generation of young men and women who didn't yet have proper access to pornography. It was as simple as sneaking the VHS into your room and readying the pause button for one of the many moments that will make your rod good and hard. They don't make them like this anymore!