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Malicious (1995)

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Somewhere in between the release of the Italian comedy Malicious (1973) and the horror flick Malicious (2018) is the BSDM thriller Malicious (1995) starring Molly Ringwald. Suffice it to say, the Brat Packer blows out the Sixteen Candles (1984) brand of innocence from her earlier career with this R rated pic co-starring John Vernon, Mimi Kuzyk, Jennifer Copping, and Will Sasso. As bad girl Melissa Nelson, Ms. Ringwald shows off her acting chops — and much more! After having a one night stand with a college jock (Patrick McGaw), she becomes obsessed with him. Obviously influenced by the well-received blockbuster Fatal Attraction (1987), Malicious has Melissa stalking the guy as she tries to ruin his life. But instead of the woman boiling a rabbit, this movie will have you choking your chicken! Granted, the psychological drama is a bit by the numbers but, at least, it offers some fine figures for us to sum up. For example, check out the Perfect 10 shelf on co-ed Laura (Sarah Lassez). When the sexy brunette makes out with her man in the library, you may become a bookworm because she unleashes her bare breast as she sucks on her fellow’s fingers — all while an angry Melissa secretly watches. If that’s not erotic enough, Molly also reveals her rack while in the sack. As she rides a dude to ecstasy, we get to see her big bare boobs bounce. The sight of her naked peaks makes us think of the chart topper “Pretty in Pink”!