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The Young Pope (2016)

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The French series The Young Pope debuted on Canal + in October 2016, ahead of a US premiere on HBO in early 2017. The series follows the exploits of the first American Pope, Pius XIII, played by the decidedly non-American actor Jude Law. Pius began life as Lenny Belardo, a former orphan raised by Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) in New York City, who ends up joining the Catholic Church and rising all the way to Archbishop of New York before getting the white smoke treatment. A devoted and faithful servant of God, and one of the youngest men ever elected to the position, Lenny is supposed to do whatever the elders want him to. But they discover pretty quickly that this seriously Conservative servant of the lord is going to instill his own beliefs and whip the church back into shape unless someone can stop him. Or if he can focus on the body of Christ, and ignore all the hot bodied women trying to polish his bishop. Directed by Youth (2015) and The Great Beauty (2013) helmer Paolo Sorrentino, this ten episode limited series bathes in its lavish sets, gorgeous locales, and beautiful cinematography. But only HBO could take a show about a bunch of celibate dudes and inject it with all sorts of sexual situations. Speaking of white smokes, the series got off to a skinsational start with a sexy flashback to Lenny's early days when he briefly has a memory of his mother, played by the lovely Olivia Macklin, sunbathing topless! No vow of chastity here, just an appreciation of bomb ass titties, so we'd definitely mack on that busty babe! Next the series upped the ante with Rayna Tharani making her nude debut in one of the craziest double pen MMF threesomes ever broadcast on TV. Does Catholic dogma let you two on one a girl doggy style? Throw in Ludivine Sagnier undressing for the pope himself, and Monica Cetti showing her mangificent mams to a priest, and you'll realize The Young Pope is dope!