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The Night Manager

The Night Manager (2016)

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The Night Manager is a mini-series—based on the John Le Carre novel of the same name—that aired simultaneously on BBC One in the UK and AMC in America beginning in February 2016. Tom Hiddleston, a.k.a. Loki, plays the titular do anything for his guests hotel concierge Jonathan Pine; a British, Iraq war veteran who is working in a posh Egyptian hotel. Things aren't going so great in Egypt, as the citizens are revolting against the president. Through his work, he stumbles upon proof that the billionaire Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie) is involved in illegal arms sales. He goes to British intelligence, but they ignore it and let some bad stuff happens to one of the lovely ladies Pine had grown close with. Years later, Pine runs into Roper again, this time in a Swiss resort. Now with a grudge against the man, Pine reaches out to British intelligence and is tasked with working his way into Roper's circle. Often compared to a Bond flick, the result is a high stakes game of espionage with constant double crossing. But this one was willing to do what Bond movies won't: show it's lovely ladies in the nude. In just the first episode, not only does Aure Atika go topless for a roll in the hay with Hiddles, there's also a super brief nip slip from Elizabeth Debicki as she sits on the couch in an open robe! Debicki's the one who will get you the most sticky, since the gorgeous blonde with a pixy cut was constantly in her underwear, though also willing to go tits our for the boys while having all sorts of sex with Hiddleston. Who knew night managers managed to get so much A-plus pussy? We even get to see Beth Walker's boobies while she's riding on top of her boyfriend, before Jonathan Pine cockblocks the poor kid. Does The Night Manager offer turndown service, because we'll never turn down an opportunity to see beautiful women without their clothes on!