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Strange Angel

Strange Angel (2018-2019)

Great Nudity!

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CBS All Access' Strange Angel (2018) is the sort of true story of a 1940's rocket scientist named Jack Parsons (Jack Reynor) who somehow works his way up from being a self taught chemist to founding Caltech's famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory. But this isn't a boring, underdog makes good story. It mostly focuses on Parsons' secretly joining the cult of Satanist Aleister Crowley and practicing the orgasm based occult skill called sex magick. But it's not just a hobby. Parsons fully believes if he's going to take rocketry to the next level, he's going to need to harness the power of the big O. Yes, great poon will bring us to the moon! Sure, we all touched ourselves to the Irish lass on CBS' Touched by an Angel, but this one was on CBS' streaming service, which meant it was chock full of legitimate nudity over the course of its two seasons. Parsons might be tangoing with the devil, but we'd rather tango with beautiful Bella Heathcote who appears in a see-thru dress that lets us make out her pokies. Can you see a bit of nip? We can! If you can't, don't worry. She'll show them during a wild orgy just a bit later. Mary Ly meanwhile sensually dances in a sexy outfit that just barely covers her bosom, which is just sexy enough to stiffen your magic wand. Allegra Masters and Elena Satine get lezzy as Elena takes Allegra's top off, all for Jack's viewing pleasures. Threesome, two, one, blastoff! So many women wanted to rock the rocketman's world! Amara Zagaroza and Veronica Osorio both flash during a public sex scene for the cult, with Amara being the cultist especially willing to show her tits in a bunch of different scenarios. Add to that Laine Neil showing her funbags and butt while doing Jack, and Katie Booth looking all sorts of 1940's busty, and you'll realize there's nothing strange about these hotties - just sexy! Tops and rockets are both taking off in Strange Angel