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Roman Empire

Roman Empire (2016-2019)

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Told with a backdrop of sex, violence, and corruption, the Netflix half documentary half normal series Roman Empire: Reign of Blood told three separate stories about the rise and fall of the Roman empire, over the course of its three seasons. But unlike most boring docs, this one had enough toplessness to keep your dicks interested, too! The first season told the story of Emperor Commodus (Aaron Jakubenko), who inherited the throne from his father Marcus Aurelius (John Bach) during the height of Rome’s power. Commodus’s reign signaled the beginning of the downfall of the empire. The second season is the pretty well known story of Julius Caesar (Ditch Davey) and Brutus (Ben Black), while the third season covers the story of the infamous emperer Caligula (Ido Drent). While it was compelling to watch the downfall of Rome, it was far more thrilling when, as Marcus's wife Faustina the Younger, Lisa Chappel oversaw the downfall of your pants! You'll love Rome a whole lot more when she drops her clothes for a guy, and gives us a view of her left titty. Forget the coliseum, if all the Roman babes have bombs like those, we've gotta see em! Another ravishig Roman, Commodus' wife Bruttia Christina (Ella Becroft) relaxes in bed with a guy and chats. As the blankets get pulled down we get a nice view of her rack. Becroft's boobies look good and soft! It’s more fun in the bedroom when Marcia (Genevieve Aitken) shows off her booty and perky milkers in a few different scenes. In one she takes off her clothes while kissing a guy then later she gets her freak on in bed. Both are skintastic scenes sure to have you raising your flesh banner. But the third season really gave us wood, when Zoe Southwood flashed her boobies as Caligula turned the Senate into a brothel. Who knew a doc about Caesar could be such a cock pleaser?