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The Deleted (2016)

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Nearly a quarter of a decade since his shocking yuppy satire novel American Psycho shook readers to its core, in 2016 Bret Easton Ellis was rack at it again with the original series, The Deleted. Fullscreen Media took it's shot at the streaming world with this original series whose plot basically revolves around nudity. The brief, roughly 14-minute episodes tell the story of a group of impossibly attractive 20-somethings who recently escaped the clutches of a dangerous cult called "The Institute." They think they're in the clear, however, somehow the cult programmed them to be horny all of the time (no, we are not making this up), and in between banging each other's brains out, the characters try to understand why they can't stop thinking about holes and poles when they should be thinking about keeping under the radar. Apparently, it's tough to be a fugitive when you're constantly looking for a BJ to get or give. Our hero Breeda (Amanda Cerny) is always looking to practice breeding, so much so that she doesn't even try to curb her desires in the name of safety, which makes her the best character. Will she use protection or at least help protect her cult brethren? Maybe, but even if she's too selfish to care about anything more than finding a dude to sample her shell fish, this series has "Mr. Skin" written all over it thanks to its near constant nudity. The incredibly busty former Playmate Amanda Cerny is disappointingly never nude in this one, instead she taunts with her enormous tatas in all sorts of low cut shirts. Alissa Violet does some comically hot yoga in one episode, putting her ass in downward dog while wearing a thong. That'll have you in heat! Julia Kelly's the only other non-flasher, though we do see her in a bikini. As for the good stuff, Nicole Herold shows her tits getting walked in on mid-sex, and Karina Fontes brings the T&A while getting off in the cult survivor loft. How do we join this cult? We'll put on the Nikes and drink the Kool Aid if it means just hanging out around her and suddenly we're getting laid! But as much as we want to do her, there's nothing like the big tittied blonde Madison Brewer, who's boobs are always on display in this one. Whether riding on top of a fella or tempting Julia Kelly into a threesome, you'll want to download and never delete, all the videos featuring her teets! This one's destined to be a cult classic, since it's so ass-tastic! Drink some water before watching this one or The Deleted will leave you depleted!