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Exposed (2017)

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In 2017, Exposed debuted on blackpills, a streaming app featuring 10-minute episodes and completely original content. Blonde bombshell Kabby Borders plays Jessika Mitchell, an 18-year-old college student who needs a way to fund her nearly 300 thousand dollar college tuition and sorority membership, stat. So what does she turn to? Porn, of course! Jessika Mitchell becomes Annie Hell, a porn starlet that specializes in doing the really dirty stuff that lots of girls won't. But even if she keeps her secret from the parents who think she's doing catalog modeling, it's not long before the boys in school start to notice how much the girl in their econ class looks like the girl they like to watch let some dude pound her in the ass. Or that the girl from orientation is the spit in hand spitting image of their go-to vixen for masturbation. But where things really go wrong for Jessika is when her little sister finds out what she's doing and decides she want to follow in Jessika's footsteps. Will she keep doing XXX work or give up on her college dreams? The boys running the blackpills app are happy to provide great material for a good fap, so needless to say, this series has tons of nudity. While Laurie Fortier only strips down to her bra and undies to give Jessika a sensual lapdance, both Kabby Borders and Tory Taranova were willing to expose their best parts. Tory ends up showing her itty bitty titties while walking around a porn set in an open robe as a kind of mentor to our comely coed. But this one's all about Miss Borders opening up her legs for a United Nations of hung dudes in a million different scenes. Whether Kabby is taking it from behind in a hotel room, blowing a dude as part of a porno movie, flashing kitty and titty in the shower or letting Miss Fortier rub her jugs all over her face, Kabby shows she is down for everything! And you'll get it up to every bit of it! You can never get bored watching that blonde hottie take it off to pay for room and board! We're on a mission to keep driving up tuition after seeing Kabby Borders get Exposed